Tuesday, 16 July 2019

June 2019

June 2019

Another busy month in the park

The Football fields were reseeded and fertilised.

Annual 5K was hosted at the park, the event was well attended and raised money for the Annual Fayre.

Tennis has been running on Friday evenings, supported by Swansea Tennis Club.

Some safety/appearance issues were raised with the playground equipment so Swansea Council have attended to fix the equipment, installed two new gates (£900 each) and have arranged for paint to be delivered to spruce up the play equipment.

Annual Summer Fayre was hosted in the park, this went well and was a full family day.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

May 2019

Lots of progress can be seen this May in the Park.

The conservation in the second woods allowed for yet another spectacular display of native bluebells amongst the ancient forest of Oak trees. With thanks to the friends and Our Place members for their help.

The Our Place Team are working very hard in the park, clearing and planting in and around the park.

With thanks to Swansea Tennis Centre for the FREE Tennis sessions have resumed Fridays 5pm onward at the park.

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The Pontarddulais, Hendy and District Annual Photography Competition has returned. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a photo of the park amongst the entries? Information below.

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We're welcoming photos on our Facebook page too, and one park user spotted these visitors a few weeks back! They do say, the grass is always greener...

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With thanks to those of you who've commented in person or online on the volunteer work we do, it really does drive us on and gives us another place to get feedback.

The planters are in full bloom. From the donations we have been given the Friends were able to purchase plants and revive the planters by the tennis courts. Thank you to the members who look after the planters.

As part of the Grow Wild 'Can weeds be beautiful?' campaign we've included some beautiful weeds into our Facebook feeds. https://www.growwilduk.com/can-weeds-be-beautiful

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Friday, 24 May 2019

2019 AGM

A successful AGM was held on Friday 26th April 2019, and the Committee were re-elected as follows:

Chairman - Windsor Clarke
Vice Chairman - Clive Davies
Treasurer - Jane Harris
Secretary - Christine Thomas.

With thanks to all for your contribution over the last year, we look forward to working with you in 2019-2020!

Chairman’s Report 2018 - 2019

Another busy year in the Park for the Friends Group with the invaluable help from the
Our Place Team. We were awarded the Green Flag Community Parks award 2018-
2019 and on Monday 29th April we are being judged again so fingers crossed we get the
award for the coming year.
The woodchip paths are being continually topped up and the tennis courts brushed and
kept free of leaves. Two picnic benches and tables and two Interpretation Map panels
were purchased and installed thanks to the Tesco Grant (blue tokens) and help from
the Parks department. Thanks to the Dwr Cymru grant, we planted 118 Lavender Plants
to form a small hedge of Lavender, this is good for bees as well as looking nice. We
have added to the hedging plants that were planted by the Scouts at Coedbach Road
entrance, it will take a couple of years before this hedge is established. Flowers, shrubs
and bushes have been planted on the bank opposite the lower football field, this is on-
going and we have purchased flowers for the flower planters at the entrances to the
park. We have kept down the spread of bulrushes in seasonal pond in 2 nd woods and we
continue to cut back the undergrowth so that the bluebells have a chance to grow and
blossom. We planted donations of gunnera and perennial plants from Clyne Gardens
and roses from the Bowls Group and the C. C. Swansea Tree Unit and the Parks
planted a specimen tree called Paulownia Tomentosa, we are looking forward to seeing
it flower.
We organised and assisted the baccaularete pupils from the Dylan Thomas School to
maintain the BMX track by topping it up with stone duff and chippings that we
purchased and they also painted the football container, the one where the graffiti design
had worn off. We also organised our annual Fungi Foray with our guest expert Teifion
Davies. We attended the Friends of Swansea Parks Forum and have participated in the
formation of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Swansea Council and the
Friends of Parks groups
We supported the Sustrans's initiative to get a cycle path to connect Pontarddulais to
Grovesend cycle path, unfortunately their bid for European Funding was not successful.
We put an exhibition in Library about the “Christmas Friendship Tree” and gave a talk to
the local Mothers Union and the Senior Citizen’s group about the Friends of the Park.
All our activities are published on our Blog and Facebook page. Our thanks to everyone
for their support.
Windsor Clarke (Chairman)

Friday, 1 March 2019


Friends of Coed Bach Park members continue to work alongside the Our Place team members with planting projects throughout the park.

Also our volunteers have been out and about doing the annual clearance work for this years crop of bluebells.

Swansea city council have kindly donated a tree to replace one that was damaged in a storm 2 years ago. We would like to thank Martin Bignall for this generous offer.
The tree has been located at the Glasfryn entrance.

We have obtained some Helibores and will be adding them to the existing ones near the boardwalk in 2nd woods.

And a Brimstone Butterfly has been spotted in the park during this mild February weather.

Your opinion is needed with regards to this major new project in the park. (Please contact the Canolfan y Bont on Dulais road via the FB page or pop in to speak to Cath.)


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Friday, 1 February 2019

2019 Carnival News

Following a second public consultation meeting at Hendy RFC on Wednesday 30th January the Festival committee have agreed to discontinue with the traditional Carnival Parade and hold a community Summer Fete instead at Coed Bach Park.
The main reasons behind the decision are as follows:
Organising the parade requires Road Closure Orders and a minimum of 18 Persons to man the road as well as stewards to walk with the Lorries.
It also requires at least 10 Personnel to man the entrance to Coed back park due to the volume of people entering and pushing their way in behind the lorries.
Every year we struggle to get assistance for these tasks. The committee as it stands does not have the resources. Marshals are then brought in at a cost to perform these roles.
Road closure orders and Policing / Marshal cost in the region of £600.
Currently we utilise the Soccer playing fields at Coed Bach hired from Swansea City Council at a cost of £450. Insurance almost £900
Due to the litter left we then organise a complete litter pick £75
These are just some of the costs.
In fairness to the Haulage companies who provide the Lorries free of charge they find it more difficult each year to assist with drivers and Lorries.
The number of floats being entered has dwindled making the parade shorter each year. The float organisers themselves find it hard to get people to help prepare the floats. An example; we used to have 5-6 floats from the 3 schools Last year we had one.
This is not a criticism but a clear sign of the times.
The work involved in organising the Parade and the application forms that have to be completed are getting more complicated each year.
Although the festival Committee have adequate public liability insurance for the event it is impossible to get insurance cover for the Floats. Should an unfortunate incident occur whereby for an example a child falls from a lorry then who is held liable ?? (The Festival Committee !!!)
Although this decision has not been taken lightly, for several years we have noticed more and more separate events being organised locally on Carnival day obviously benefitting from the number of people coming into the area. As a result this has reduced the number of people attending the field and taking an active part in the Carnival field events. Whilst this is not a criticism of those organising the events it is inevitable that if people don’t support the Carnival with their attendance then changes need to be made. In essence the success of outside events has contributed to the demise of the Carnival in its current format.
Currently Pubs and Clubs make a lot of profit from Carnival day with the parade but unfortunately the Festival Committee does not get any contribution from them apart from one pub despite the huge costs laid out to put on the parade.
It has been decided that a summer community fete be held as an alternative to the traditional Carnival.
For ease of costs the Pontarddulais Rugby Club have offered their ground free of charge and their events team have indicated that they would like to take over the long term running of this event.
It has been stipulated and agreed that the income from the event is retained in the Community fund to sustain future events.
The festival committee are happy to continue to help with this and to continue with the Christmas Parade as usual as long as the funding is secured which currently comes from both Llanedi Community Council and Pontarddulais Town Council. (Last year the cost was nearly £900)
The Christmas Grotto will be retained as well as the inter schools sports competition. These events are totally none profit making as they are free.
The committee are all volunteers who have worked tirelessly for many years in bringing these events to the community. For that I thank each and every one of them. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all our Patrons who have given generously over the years to support us, the advertisers, local traders and the hauliers for the lorries, not forgetting the Stalls from various organisations.
Although this may be disappointing for many we have had to face the reality checks on the whole event and realised it was no longer sustainable and safe to continue as it was. I hope we all as a community embrace the new format and support the new event. More details will be published later.
A further meeting to set a New committee has been arranged for Wednesday 20th February at the Pontarddulais Rugby Club
Thank you for your continued support
Lyn Anthony
Chairman. Pontarddulais, Hendy & District Festival Committee.


Lyn Anthony Pontarddulais and Hendy Carnival Committee 

Monday, 17 December 2018

Our 2018 roundup, with special thanks to our volunteers, the support from City and County of Swansea Parks Department and Keep Wales Tidy organisation.

This year we have achieved:-

Installation of 2 picnic benches/tables and an interpretation Map panels installed this year through the Tesco Grant.

We planted 118 Lavender Plants to form a small hedge of Lavender as the years go on thanks to the Dwr Cymru grant.

We have added to the hedgeing plants that were planted by the Scouts at Coedbach Road entrance and have started to plant shrubs and bushes on the bank opposite the lower football field, this is ongoing.

We've also planted up 6 flower boxes with winter Violas with help from the Shine Cymru organisation volunteers and intend to plant up the other 3 boxes.

We have supported the Sustrans's initiative to get a cycle path to connect Pontarddulais to Grovesend cycle path.

We currently have exhibition in Library, thanks to Gaynor, for people who want to put messages on the tags that go on the "Friendship Tree" in the Park. Date tbc but usually week before Christmas for decoration of tree.

We have tried to clear some of the bulrushes from the Pond, thanks to Clive, Windsor and Vyv.

The Our Place Team have continued to top up the wood chip paths and regularly do litter picks in the park and we are grateful for this ongoing support.

We had the baccaularete pupils from the Dylan Thomas school maintaining the bmx track by topping it up with stone duff and chippings that we bought and they also painted the football container.

We were again awarded the Green Flag Community Parks award.

We couldn't do this without the support of the community. So please do visit the park, enjoy the facilities and if you see us working do say hello! We're always looking for new volunteers/projects/funding. Thank you.


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June 2019

June 2019 Another busy month in the park The Football fields were reseeded and fertilised. Annual 5K was hosted at the park, the even...